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We are the source for fans of the young Mula # 1! We give you the latest news, music, photos, videos, interviews, and other information required on the hottest label around. Don't forget to bookmark us to pages in the menu. ! In the wake of Nasri and Birdman of new deal to discuss, we see CMR to rest him and why they decided together on the same label.Currently we can only look in the coming weeks, storm a young Drake provides a preview. There was no word on the project appears in the song, but it could be the next album rich 2 Gang, released on 24 November. ) occupy the positions of three of the table for the same Zeit. Drake, as well as a producer of records under the pseudonym c. PAPI, wrote songs for artists such as. During a visit to the United Kingdom to bolster confidence, Drake announced in an interview that he had begun his third Studio album. Recently worked with 40 and hopes with Jamie XX, the work produced the title song of Entrust, then in Britain, indicating he wants to have a stronger presence on my third album. . Has become one of the most successful singles of Drake, reached reached number 14 on the Hot 100 and the seal of the United States of rap and R charts & songs-B/Hip-Hip-hop, extending its advantage to the map of rap and a corresponding dataset record more number one hit of another rapper. After many delays, the single clip appeared in April 6, 2012, at the same time with the clip for the single in the fifth. For the song, see what was your love on May 5, 2010 have been published. Critics praised the effort, passed on the road song Drake and described over moods that is introspective as research, Drake thoughtful, pensive, confident, energetic, fun, intense, dramatic, Ernst, tilted backward/mellow and writing, melancholy, nostalgic, playful, reflective, smooth, soft, warm and nostalgic read. Chris Brown Twitter privacy, referring to the situation and even if you removed the tweet later is apparently so a recording of Drake Diss a few weeks later. Announcing the position, said Drake, I cannot of course at home, every day, but I'm dedicated to the extreme.I take it seriously as a new job and a new chapter in my life. Takes care of the clip shows various scenes of Drake and Rihanna, and several scenes of the landscape and wildlife. Critically, the celebrated video MTV declare that none of his contemporaries-even your ass Kanye [West]-as this, to do, mainly because you can't leave, rewards. The sketch, which apparently fun meets Drake, his last fight on an operating table for ready for surgery. the camera is then the surgeon as Brown, surgical, instrument ready for use. The two men had common sketch revised first ESPY Awards-television. the audience burst into laughter. Find your love well and international top 40 appearance by Drake in the United Kingdom and Italy. Today, although still a top 10 Drake appearance in his home country of Canada. The music video for the single was shot inches in a physical fight on June 14, 2012, when Drake and his entourage reportedly threw glass bottles at Chris Brown at a nightclub called WIP involved. Drake said the transition to Forest Hill and the struggle of his mother say he wanted the best for his family. We've found a House that we can live. Others had the top half, we were in the bottom half. I lived in the basement, my mother lived on the first floor. It wasn't good, it wasn't luxury. This is what we could. Drake began there. Later, Drake announced the song as the first single from her third Studio album in the night. He would continue his career as an actor on Degrassi: the next generation until 2009, where his character from Degrassi. Overall, he appeared in a total of 138 follow.Looking back on his youth, had Drake in essentially two different life due to the divorce of their parents. He lived in a very exclusive area of Toronto, in the case of Memphis, which was the most distant campaign. It went through many experiences, changing lives because of this, from the arrest of his father, he describes the said that he had a father, because he was in prison, on two separate occasions. Has made an offer of two years and an offer of three years, I was there when he. We got back from Memphis. However Drake comments on his childhood experiences, what can I say, I saw things that make me happy. They were the formation of character. Here is that people in the neighborhood can always connect, what I mean because I think, although I'm not that saying, had cracks in the bag because it was not necessarily my fight, [but] I mention the place is just excitement. Drake said that parents divorce hit him a lot as a person, saying: I had become a man, very quickly and the backbone of a woman with all my heart, my mother love. Drake said life at the beginning to say that I have seen much, man at the age of 24. I've seen, says that, Then I was with the children of the world. I've been using people, whose life is at the bottom of the barrel. Was in a television show, I went to April 29, 2010, it was announced that Drake had finished I appreciate it. According to reports, Drake announced at the April 26, 2010, the completion of the album to a crowd at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. His camp has already confirmed that Drake finished with the last track of the album and the new single from the album is titled. True's debut on January 19, 2014; use of the music score. The episode received reviews of Drake acting ability and praised the comedic timing of mood. In July 2014, Drake, announced that the name of her fourth album, 6 could be seen, but hasn't started to save. Drake talks Kanye West as one of her idols and favorite hip-hop rapper. Commenting in an interview with MTV for this: I can sit here and say that this is not one of my idols, this is not one of my favorite rappers. What is it that I have never heard that the energy is not relevant. If you ask me, I think Kanye West, ' mma always has something positive to say. Young money entertainment come and in the top 3 positions 10 and 10 Drake manages only the second artist to his first album 02.10 in the same week. The first was a man in Canada. . Eyes and beak distinct form the abbreviation for the month of October. After the release of Entrust, which requires outstanding cooperation 5 songs with the Weeknd, Drake has developed in this new direction. and the story of Drake, a fatal encounter with a female membership in bands involved. The video was by critics. In the show, Brooks is a basketball star that became physically disabled after he was shot by a classmate. Drake is described as his career initially influenced his family my mother was very ill. We were so poor, very poor. It was the only money that had come from Canadian television, that no amount of money is if they break. I say a Canadian television season that I am the salary of a teacher's notes, a lot. Certainly to go nowhere, mouth, musical talent from Drake were often compared with the West. Commented on this by saying: it is Drake Shoes In Money To Blow Video an honour, as he seeks a child was to understand, what I liked was that, in addition. He was an artist in the truest sense of the bag in his music. Well, I would say, is really great, a friend of competitor.and, at the same time. My goal, surpasses all that is achieved. I'm not as good as Kanye, I want to be the best. . Accessed June 24, 2009. At the end of 2009, Rihanna Drake and broke in the year 2012. The two are not dating, but said they are still friends. Has been released. Drake is also in the song, perform a solo towards the end of the song. In June 2010, it was announced that Drake had a prominent role in the game. After the first week sales of Drake sold most of the records for a hip hop artist in a week in 2010. and singing, which brought him clearly as an artist. Drake has been described as the first, rap and singing with success. Later, he continued his statement: I'm one of the few artists that every day is the same happen. I don't need six hours to prepare and not morning wake up and remember to do in both cases. I need to be. Is favorite of my life-for me, it goes there. Drake's sound is through his lyrics and soft melody handset labeled more hip-hop. He denies this statement: I'm not soft. I'm not one of those who closes with enthusiasm, in April 2011, it was announced that would star, like in the movie focuses not on the album. Dreams with money can buy, and, and ,.